And How You Can Eliminate Five Critical Mistakes, And Instantly Maximize Your Win Ratio. Differentiating Yourself And Presenting A Professional, Compelling Cleaning Proposal Package!!

Dear Cleaning Services Professional,

Let's be honest, how many times are you competing with other cleaning companies and the customer only focuses on price? As much as you discuss the quality of your service or what you can do for them, the customer does not care. They may seem to show characteristics that they care about quality, but in the end, price wins them over. We hear this all the time from our current consulting clients. Well, I am about to share with you what you can do IMMEDIATELY to change the perception of the customer, differentiate your cleaning company from the rest and provide the customer a pleasant pre-sale to post-sale experience due to a compelling cleaning proposal package!

We are in a very competitive industry, and today more than ever customers are more demanding, complex and sophisticated. As their cleaning services partner, you need to position your cleaning proposal in a way to maximize your chance of winning and motivate the customer to take action. But unfortunately what happens is cleaning companies usually experience the following FIVE CRITICAL MISTAKES with their cleaning proposals:


Proposal starts with Cleaning Company History, Products and Services

Do you really believe there is something so fundamentally compelling about your company origins that a customer will be persuaded to buy? By implementing this approach you are immediately demonstrating to the customer that you are company or product centered vs customer centered. Most customers buy because they are looking for solutions to pressing problems not because of what year your cleaning company was established.


Evidence that you DO NOT understand the client's business problem/need

People view major buying decisions with anxiety. The bigger the decision, the greater the anxiety. What most cleaning companies do here is they do not help minimize the customer’s perception of the risk of moving forward with their cleaning company. Ask yourself, am I demonstrating that I understand my client’s problems, issues, needs, opportunities, objectives, or values?


You DO NOT have a recommendation, program, or solution that will solve the client problem and produce positive business results

You may be surprised, but most cleaning proposals contain no recommendation or solution at all. What the proposal contains instead are descriptions of products and services. Are you currently documenting in your cleaning proposal what the current challenges of your client are and what your solution will do to help overcome those challenges?


You DO NOT have a compelling reason for the client to choose your recommendation over any others

Remember you may write a proposal that is completely compliant with the customer requirement, recommend the correct solution, offer the lowest price, and still lose. Why? The reason is a competitor made a stronger case that their approach offered a higher return on investment, lowered their total cost of ownership, increased their profitability, provided a faster payback, or some similar measure of value that matters most to the customer. Ask yourself do your proposals contain a compelling value proposition?


You DO NOT DEMONSTRATE your ability to deliver on time, on budget and help make the client’s job easier

Most cleaning proposals are great in detailing what they are going to do and at what cost, but do not provide the substantial evidence to help answer the question for the customer of “Can they really do this?” I am sure you are providing references, testimonials, resumes, but are you taking it to the next level? Are you minimizing the risk the customer may feel by moving forward with your company by providing Transition Plans, Staffing Profiles, Training Plans, Quality Plans or any other evidence that is focused on areas your customer cares about. Remember at the end of the day your job is to make your customer’s job easier, bottom line!!

Avoiding these five mistakes is a great start, but it is just the tip of the iceberg. The question then becomes how do I take these concepts and integrate them into a professional, compelling cleaning proposal? That is where we come in.

We have created the My Cleaning Proposal package that follows the basic structure outlined above - first summarizing the client’s needs, then showing their potential gain or improvement, third recommending your solution, and finally substantiating that you can do the job. Efforts that will lead you to SEE AN INCREASE IN YOUR WIN RATIO!!

Below is a sample of what you’ll realize and the BENEFITS you will enjoy with the My Cleaning Proposal Package:

  • WIN MORE CONTRACTS...with complete and professional looking proposals!
  • STOP LOSING not underbidding!
  • INCREASE YOUR PROFITS...with an easy to use profit-margin calculator!
  • PROFESSIONAL PROPOSALS...customizable to your specific client cleaning requirements!
  • CLEANING INDUSTRY SPECIFIC...proposal package is tailored with cleaning industry specific resources!
  • STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD...outline what makes your cleaning company different!
  • EASY TO USE...user-friendly documents!
  • CREATE YOUR VALUE PROPOSITION...focus on the client benefits and the value your solution will provide!
  • MAXIMIZE STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS...form strong and healthy alliances to grow your cleaning business!
  • BRAND YOUR COMPANY...add your logo and deliver your unique message!
  • BE AN INDUSTRY EXPERT...utilize the resources available to be a consultant and teacher in efforts to better serve your client needs!
  • CLIENT PIECE OF MIND...provide justfication on why clients should transition over to your cleaning company!
  • COMPATIBLE DOCUMENTS...just in case you do not use Microsoft Office!
  • NO SOFTWARE and save to your computer!
  • INSTANT ACCESS...get started immediately!


The entire cleaning proposal package includes:

Cleaning Services Proposal

  • Customizable (Add your own logo) Cover Page
  • Introduction Letter with initial benefit statement
  • Client Profile - Outline business challenges and associated solution and benefit.
  • Scope of Work/Specifications – Adapt the specifications to your client and/or opportunity.
  • Differentiator Section – Highlight what makes your cleaning company different
  • Professional Organizations – Share with your clients which professional organizations you partner with to better understand and meet their cleaning requirements.
  • Investment/Pricing – What investment will the client be making by partnering with your cleaning company.
  • References - Outline references or best practices with other clients

Document Format Type:

Cleaning Specifications:

Use this format if you prefer to outline the cleaning specifications of your client in an easy to read Microsoft Word table format.

Document Format Type:

Add On Enhancement

Cleaning Specifications:

Use this format if you prefer to outline the cleaning specifications of your client in an easy to read Microsoft Excel format.

Document Format Type:

Quality Plan

Define quality criteria and standards to achieve.

Includes quality objectives and quality assurance plan.

Document Format Type:

Staffing Profile

Demonstrate to your client how you plan to service their cleaning requirements by outlining a staffing profile.

Includes amount of staff needed, hours, and schedule.

Document Format Type:

Training Matrix

Differentiate yourself from your competition by outlining the training plan of your staff.

Includes course, purpose, methodology and frequency.

Document Format Type:

Transition Plan

Encourage your client to take action by feeling comfortable your company has a methodology and process for transitioning from current cleaning company to yours.

Document Format Type:

Organization Chart

Clients want to see how your cleaning company will support their needs from Senior Staff to cleaning staff.


Document Format Type:

Short Version Cleaning Agreement

Clients who prefer a short, concise and effective agreement.


Document Format Type:

Long Version Cleaning Agreement

Clients who prefer a more formalized agreement.


Document Format Type:

Teaming Agreement

Interested in working with partners, primes or subcontractors to support a specific cleaning Request For Proposal (RFP)? Need to execute a formal Teaming Agreement. Includes roles, relationship of both parties, responsibilities, terms, etc.

Document Format Type:

Joint Venture Agreement

Increase market reach, break down barriers to entry in market and form a legal entity with another company for the purpose of expanding your business influence and creating a more powerful market presence. Includes purpose, responsibilities, scope, Management, profit and losses, etc.

Document Format Type:

Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement

Create a confidential relationship between specified party on confidential or proprietary information before formalizing a Teaming, Joint Venture or other business opportunity.

Document Format Type:

Here is your chance to experience what our customers have discovered and also take advantage of the additional tools mentioned below:

"Since I ordered this system I have learned that I was not providing my customers with a full, big picture of what I could do for them. I am a General Contractor and I decided to expand my business into cleaning because of the consistent cash flow. After purchasing The My Cleaning Proposal package I was able to secure my first cleaning contract with an Apartment Community and I am making $ 1,200 a month in profit. I was able to use the pricing calculator that comes with the package and it has simplified my life. This has definitely been a good investment for my business!"

Dany Medina
CNC Contractors LLC
"I lost a deal because the customer was asking for many of the documents included in the My Cleaning Proposal Package and I did not know where to begin and how to create. When I found your website it was perfect timing. I feel comfortable knowing if it happens again I will be prepared. Thank you!!"

Rebecca Alavi
Alavi's Cleaning Service
"I have a Full Time job but my wife and I decided to start a cleaning business to supplement our income. We bought your My Cleaning Proposal Package and have already secured our first small account. I can tell you the two of us are not complaining on the extra money we are bringing home monthly of $ 510 for cleaning this small church. We are excited about the possibilities. I have no problem spreading the word. Thanks!"

Ellis and Janet Griffin
E & J Maintenance
"I have been looking for a way to make my cleaning company shine and your My Cleaning Proposal Package will help me do that. Keep it coming."

Jay Stevenson
"When I met with a potential client and presented the proposal, no joke, they mentioned that this was the most professional cleaning proposal they had ever seen and were impressed with the attachments that I included. To be honest I think they were surprised that I presented such a great proposal and were not expecting the level of thoroughness. I closed the deal and I am looking forward to using the My Cleaning Proposal system again and again. Thank you and great job."

Alda Perez
Metro Building Services

The entire My Cleaning Proposal Package is valued at over $900...
But order today and you will get the following BONUS GIFTS, valued at an additional $200, absolutely FREE:

Pricing/Profit Margin Calculator

Price your cleaning bids in an easy, effective manner. Input your own variables (ie. Hours,salary,supplies, etc) and calculator will figure it out for you. Includes different profit margin targets.

Document Format Type:

Verification of Employment Form:

A necessity when you need to validate employment history for a potential cleaning or staff personnel.

Document Format Type:

Employment Application:

A customizable employment application. Add your company name or logo.

Document Format Type:

Certificate of Excellence:

Recognition of your cleaning staff is critical for success. Begin implementing the certificate as part of your Recognition Program.

Document Format Type:

Performance Evaluation:

It is integral to have a process in place to make sure your employees are performing to the levels that are expected and track/measure their performance in the different skill set areas.

Document Format Type:

Buy/Sell Agreement:

Are you interested in selling or buying a cleaning company? Includes partnership interests, non-compete clause, assets/liabilities, transition, payment schedule, etc.

Document Format Type:


Cleaning Services Proposal X    
Cleaning Specifications X    
Add on Enhancement: Cleaning Specifications   X  
Quality Plan X    
Staffing Profile X    
Training Matrix   X  
Transition Plan X    
Organization Chart     X
Short Version Cleaning Agreement X    
Long Version Cleaning Agreement X    
Teaming Agreement X    
Joint Venture Agreement X    
NonDisclosure/Confidentiality Agreement X    
Pricing/Profit Margin Calculator   X  
Verification of Employment Form X    
Employment Application X    
Certificate of Excellence     X
Buy/Sell Agreement X    
Performance Evaluation X    


Must have web sites to access! Resources on cleaning industry, professional organizations, additional prospects/new business opportunities, and cleaning technology partners that make life easy for you in your day to day business operations. Details include:

The entire My Cleaning Proposal Package, plus free bonuses are valued at over $1100, but you get it today for a:

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There is a saying that goes, "If you always do the same thing, you will obtain the same results. If you want to obtain different results, you need to do things differently."

It is time for you to take action and a take a step towards winning more NEW business.

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